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Android App Development With Freelancing

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Course Fee: 15000/- only

Course Duration: 40+ Classes (5 months)

Android app development zero to advance

* android studio overview
* android ui design basic
* Implementing Linear Layout & android widgets
* Single page app UI design
* UI design properties & style
* Split Layout in equal parts
* ScrollView
* Android Lifecycle
* Data type & Variable declaration
* Basic java language
* Click event in Android
* Android visibility control & Toast
* Web Browser in Android
* Embed Video Player & access variable from another activity
* Relative Layout
* Custom drawable resource file
* Android Animation
* Action bar style
* Next level animation with json file
* Create Admob account & start earning
* Implementing mobile ads
* change app identity
* Build Release APK _ App bundle for play store
* Google play console
* Publish app on Google Play
* Firebase in android
* How to customize Source Code
* Convert website into app
* canva desing
* photoshope basic

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